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Durable Pavement Markings


A Portfolio of Our Work

Color-Safe®, the durable pavement marking material, fits into Transpo’s portfolio of state-of-the-art safety products with its wide-spread use on any high-traffic areas where safety, visibility, durability, and longevity is vital.

Color-Safe Specialty Applications

Color-Safe has two applications: primarily as pavement marking, and secondarily as overlay for platforms and sidewalks where color matching is a factor.

As the name suggests, Color-Safe employs the use of bright, highly visible colors—which can be custom-created to make unique, vibrant designs, specialty markings, or logos—to increase appeal while improving safety. It is used extensively for:

Color-Safe MMA Industry Leading Features and Advantages

Visit our Color-Safe® page for a complete discussion on this highly versatile, durable pavement marking material.

Download our portfolio to see some of the vibrant, custom-designed Color-Safe installations around the country!