T-48 Polysulfide Epoxy Overlay

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Transpo® T-48 polysulfide epoxy based polymer concrete is a fast setting thin overlay. It is a prepackaged system ideal for concrete bridge decks and other concrete structures.

Typically applied at a thickness of ¼" – ½", T-48 eliminates the need to relocate joints, end dams or drain structures. Installation of T-48 will add less than 4 pounds of dead load per square foot of surface area which is an important consideration for rehabilitation of older structures.

Features and Advantages

  • Fast Cure (Approximately 2-3 Hours at 70° F)
  • Wide Application Temperature (50°-100°F)
  • Easy ApplicationT 48 Slurry Diagram
  • Skid Resistant
  • High Early Strength
  • Strong Bond
  • High Elasticity
  • UV Light Resistant
  • Freeze-Thaw Resistant
  • Moisture and Chemical Resistant


T-48 is comprised of a blended aggregate filler that forms a slurry when mixed with the polymer resin and broadcast with a coarse-wearing aggregate for vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

The short curing period of the system assures a minimum downtime and a quick restoration of service. The broadcast aggregate provides a highly durable, excellent skid resistant surface that can be used for vehicular and pedestrian applications.


Transpo® T-48 is applied using a single application slurry. It is easy to handle and does not require any specialized installation equipment.

T-48 overlay can be used as a wearing surface on various types of structures:

  • Concrete Bridge Decks
  • Parking Garages
  • Ramps and Sidewalks

For more information, please refer to the technical data sheet.

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