BODAN® Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Surface

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Highway-Rail Grade Crossing System

BODAN® Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Surface is a precast reinforced polymer concrete crossing system used for highway/rail crossings and designed for heavy full speed traffic. Unlike other crossings, BODAN® does not rely on railroad ties for attachment or support. The product’s unique modular design allows for easy removal to perform routine track inspection and maintenance.

BODAN® uses a bridge design concept, so the vehicle axle loads are transferred directly to the rails. Panel tests show they are capable of withstanding loads in excess of 44,000 lbs. The BODAN® system accommodates curved as well as multiple track crossings, switches and sidewalks. The components may be custom-molded to match your site.

Features & Advantages

  • Accessible: No lag bolts needed, the modular panels bridge to the rails
  • Easy: Panels can be removed for routine track maintenance
  • Strong: Steel reinforcements support HS 25 traffic loads
  • Safe: High-friction granular surfacing material provides a skid-resistant surface
  • Durable: Modular precast polymer concrete impervious to salt, fuel and moisture


BODAN® is manufactured by Castek® Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Transpo® Industries, Inc.

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Transpo Industries is a transportation infrastructure safety and materials company, founded in 1968. Its executive management has over 130 years of collective industry expertise and has been working together for decades. Transpo’s influence extends far beyond its sales and engineering operations.


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