Step-Safe® ada detectable warning tiles and surface applied mats alert the disabled or visually impaired of approaching hazards particularly on sidewalks, curbs, subway and rail platforms, along travel routes, public buildings and other rights of way.

Step-Safe® ada detectable warning tiles and surface applied mats are designed to meet the requirements of the ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities published in the Federal Register July 23, 2004 and amended on August 5, 2005. 

We offer ada detectable warning systems in several products.  Surface applied Mats made of a composite resin that is applied with our STEP-SAFE® adhesive - no drilling is required making it the easiest surface applied ada mat to install.  Our Polymer Concrete tile is 3x stronger than regular concrete. The dome and textured surface on all of our products are specially engineered for skid resistance.  Maintenance free, color thru so they will not fade and a 5 year warranty assures a durable surface.