Blast-Safe® Jet-Blast Deflector and Perimeter Security Fencing

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Blast-Safe® was originally developed for NASA to protect a launch site control tower. Today this state-of-the-art aviation safety system protects pedestrians, ground vehicles and airport facilities from dangerous jet-blast hazards from nearby aircraft.

Blast-Safe®'s 'open' structure allows jet-blast air to be safely diffused moving it up and away from the fence through the system's double-reverse corrugated (DRC) steel fabric. The system provides added safety benefits by acting as a security fence, noise attenuation barrier and glare screen as well as providing protection from airborne solid debris.

Features & Advantages

  • Smallest footprint for Vertical Fencing (< 24") allowing placement in close proximity to other structures
  • 75-80% reduction in wind speed velocity
  • Design flexibility provides tailored protection to meet your project specifications
  • Access doors, gates, lighting, barb wire attachments and other site-specific features are easily incorporated for added safety and convenience
  • Angled posts allow the fence to follow tarmac irregularities, providing a significant cost savings over other systems, which must stop or overlap when faced with changing direction.
  • Structural integrity of the framing system provides perimeter security against unwanted intrusions by vehicles or pedestrians.

Design Flexibility

Blast-Safe® comes in standard heights of 8, 10, 12 and 14 feet. The length and location of the fence is determined by project-specific operational restrictions. With a footprint of less than 24", the barrier can fit in "tight" locations, maximizing limited right-of-way space and Blast-Safe® design allows for the reduction in height in some areas keeping costs down while still providing maximum protection from jet-blast.

Transpo's Blast-Safe® Jet-Blast Deflector and Perimeter Security Fencing is renowned throughout the aviation industry for its unique design flexibility, superior performance and utmost reliability. Each system provides the maximum protection available from jet-blast for your airport assets.

Upon your request, Transpo's airfield safety engineers are available to evaluate proposed Blast-Safe® locations and prepare detailed design calculations in conjunction with your airport staff and consulting engineers.

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