Concrete Crack Sealers

Transpo sealers are highly effec­tive products used to permanently fill and seal cracks and pores in concrete struc­tures and prevent further deterioration. Our sealers are specially formulated to deeply penetrate into cracks, quickly filling and bonding the crack while sealing pores in existing concrete, while reducing chloride permeability and protecting from further deterioration.

Easy to apply, our sealers require minimal labor and no specialized equipment. We offer a variety of different sealer solutions to best fit your project needs. 

T-70 HMWM – Lower modulus and increased tensile elongation provides compatibility with moving cracks and thermal stresses.
T-78 MMA – Very low viscosity and surface tension results in deep penetration into cracks at temperatures as low as 40º F.
T-70 Vertical – While staying suspended on vertical applications has been shown to have crack penetrating capabilities of over one inch.

Transpo T-70 HMWM Crack Sealer
Transpo T-70 Vertical Sealer
Transpo T-78 MMA Crack Sealer