Pedestrian Safety

Complete Streets and Vision Zero

Transportation authorities around the world are placing a greater emphasis on improving safety for vulnerable road users and pedestrians. Color-Safe® can play a key role in helping reduce pedestrian, bicyclist, and motor vehicle crashes, creating bright, long-lasting pavement markings and helping to bring greater safety to cities and communities.

As more cities and state municipalities are creating complete streets and anticipating the addition of autonomous vehicles on the roads, the sustainability of the material used for color lanes needs to be considered. Color-Safe® products provide a foundational safety measure in a multi-faceted Vison Zero approach, even allowing for a variety of colors and patterns in each installment. The versatility of Color-Safe® and the wide choice of vibrant, long-lasting multi-colors allows for a diversity of applications for cross walks, bike lanes, bus lanes and more.

Pedestrian Crossover Deterrent- Combating an alarming increase in fatalities. Screen-Safe® Pedestrian Crossover Deterrent is helping combat pedestrian fatalities due to crossing highways on foot. Screen-Safe® is crash tested for MASH Test level 2 and 3 and is quickly becoming a key component in Vision Zero. 

Transpo offers a variety of products that can be used in complete streets:

Screen-Safe<sup>®</sup> Pedestrian Crossover Deterrent
Screen-Safe<sup>®</sup> Glare Screen Safety Shield
Color-Safe<sup>®</sup> Bus Lanes
Color-Safe<sup>®</sup> Bike Lanes
Color-Safe<sup>®</sup> Crosswalks