Parking Structures

Parking structures are regularly exposed to oil, dirt, salt deicers, and more. They must be able to withstand these conditions, and often require regular maintenance and repairs. Temperature fluctuations and vehicle loading can cause cracking that allow water infiltration, which accelerates concrete deterioration.

Our concrete repair system for parking structures that will prevent these types of issues, while also reducing long-term maintenance costs. We offer a wide variety of product options that can be used in different configurations based on the project’s specific requirements. Transpo offers a variety of products that can be used in parking structures:

  • Transpo T-17 Concrete Repair and Restoration
  • Transpo T-70/T-78 Crack Sealers for Concrete
  • Transpo T-18 Polymer Coating System for Top Decks
  • Transpo Color-Safe Area Markings
  • Transpo Armour Guard Waterproofing Membrane