Blast-Safe Jet-Blast Barrier System

Blast-Safe is a state-of-the-art jet-blast barrier system that protects ground personnel, vehicles and airport facilities from dangerous jet-blast hazards from nearby aircraft.

Blast-Safe’s ‘open’ structure allows jet-blast air to be safely diffused through the system’s double-reverse corrugated (DRC) steel fabric. The Blast-Safe® barrier system provides added safety benefits by acting as a security fence, noise attenuation barrier and glare screen, as well as providing protection from FOD airborne solid debris.

Features & Advantages

  • Smallest available footprint for Vertical perimeter fencing (< 24″) allowing placement in close proximity to other structures.
  • 75-80% reduction in wind speed velocity.
  • Design flexibility provides tailored protection to meet your project specifications and prevents fod.
  • Access doors, gates, lighting, barb wire attachments and other site-specific features are easily incorporated into the jet-blast barrier system for added safety and convenience.
  • Angled posts allow the perimeter fence to follow tarmac irregularities, providing a significant cost savings over other systems, which must stop or overlap when faced with changing direction.
  • Structural integrity of the jet-blast barrier system provides perimeter security against unwanted intrusions.

Design Flexibility

Blast-Safe comes in standard heights. The length and location of the jet-blast barrier system is determined by project-specific operational restrictions. With a footprint of less than 24″, the jet-blast barrier system can fit in “tight” locations, maximizing limited right-of-way space.

Transpo’s Blast-Safe Jet-Blast Barrier System is renowned throughout the aviation industry for its unique design flexibility, superior performance and utmost reliability. It provides the maximum protection available from jet-blast for your airport assets.

Upon your request, Transpo’s airfield safety engineers are available to evaluate proposed Blast-Safe locations and prepare detailed jet-blast design calculations in conjunction with your airport staff and consulting engineers. 

Different formulations available to meet various state/project specifications and requirements.