Bridge Preservation

Transpo’s bridge preservation products are designed to effectively address the maintenance, rehabilitation, and preservation of bridges and bridge deck overlays. These materials have been used on new and existing structures for decades and are part of the strategy to obtain a 75-100 year bridge service life. 

Our polymer concrete overlay materials enables us to meet project specifications. Our bridge rehabilitation materials help reduce bridge deterioration and delay the need for costly repairs through options such as bridge deck sealing, bridge deck repair, surface treatments, concrete bridge patch and repair and polymer concrete repair. 


Transpo T-18<sup>®</sup> MMA Thin Overlay System
Ebond 526<sup>®</sup> Overlay

Crack Sealers

Transpo<sup>®</sup> T-70 HMWM Crack Sealer
Transpo<sup>®</sup> T-70 Vertical Sealer
Transpo<sup>®</sup> T-78 MMA Crack Sealer

Polymer Concrete

Transpo® T-17                                                                 Polymer Concrete

Pre-Cast Polymer Concrete Panels

Visi-Barrier<sup>®</sup> Pre-cast Polymer Concrete Panel for Roads and Bridges

Waterproofing Membrane

Armour-Guard Waterproofing Membrane Highway Bridge
Armour-Guard Waterproofing Membrane Rail Bridge