Pavement Markings

Transpo Color-Safe® MMA pavement markings is the preferred choice of transportation and safety officials for a variety of special-use lane marking applications. Vibrant, durable and cost-effective, Color-Safe® creates bright, long-lasting road pavement markings, bringing greater safety to cities and communities.

Color-Safe® MMA is a far superior solution to traditional thermoplastic road markings.  Color-Safe® traditionally sees a 5-7 year or longer life cycle and can be applied in cold weather, thus extending the marking season.

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Color-Safe<sup>®</sup> Bus Lanes
Color-Safe<sup>®</sup> Bike Lanes
Color-Safe<sup>®</sup> Crosswalks
Color-Safe<sup>®</sup> Durable Airfield Markings
Color-Safe<sup>®</sup> Industrial Safety Marking
Color-Safe<sup>®</sup> Guide Markings
Color-Safe<sup>®</sup> Pavement Marking for Dynamic Envelope
Color-Safe<sup>®</sup> Unique Applications

Color-Safe® Standard and Custom Colors

Glass beads can be added for retroreflectivty.

Markings must remain vibrant to be a safety feature!

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