Screen-Safe® Glare Screen Safety Shield

Transpo’s Screen-Safe® Glare Screen Safety Shield protects drivers and work zone crews from headlight glare and debris with a barrier fence. It is maintenance free and simple to install on guardrails and concrete barriers. Easily the safest and most effective glare screen and barrier fence for roadways on the market today, Screen-Safe® is excellent for both permanent installations and temporary work zone applications.

Screen-Safe® is made from a unique double-reversed corrugated (DRC) fabric, formed from hot-dipped galvanized sheet steel. The DRC fabric is powder-coated to provide additional protection from salt and snow. All steel assembly components make Screen-Safe® the most durable highway glare screen and work zone safety shield available to the transportation industry.

Screen-Safe® can be installed in permanent locations on concrete barriers and steel guardrails. Screen-Safe® is also ideal for curved roadways, access ramps, raised highways, construction lanes and toll booth plazas. For temporary work zone installations it can be quickly removed and reinstalled at a new location, with minimal disruption to traffic flow.

DRC Fabric: Screen-Safe® is fabricated from 25 gauge steel sheet, AISI 1010 or 1008, and hot-dip galvanized to ASTM A-653, coating designation G90. The finish is a light gray, medium-gloss powder-coat with zinc. It conforms to ASTM D 523 for gloss and B 117 for salt spray resistance, reference test for Bonderite. The film thickness minimum is 1.8 mils.

Hardware: All components are structural grade.

  • Post Bolt- hex head machine bolt, ASTM A-307, H.D. galvanized ASTM A-153
  • Concrete Anchor- steel, drop-in flush expansion anchor
  • Splice Plate- ASTM 4140, H.D. galvanized A-123
  • Steel/Wood Post Brackets- ASTM A-36, H.D. galvanized A-123
  • End Cable Assembly- steel, aircraft cable with galvanized or stainless steel hardware