Company History

arthurdinitzArthur M. Dinitz (1933-2015)

Arthur M. Dinitz founded Transpo Industries, Inc. in 1968. He was a distinguished member of numerous boards and committees that share in the commitment to road safety and new technology for road and bridge rehabilitation and preservation. Awarded ARTBA’s National Highway Safety Award (2001-02) and honored as one of the “Top 100 Private Sector Transportation Design & Construction Professional of the 20th Century” by ARTBA. In 2006 he was awarded the “Kenneth A. Stonex National Roadside Safety Award” by the National Academy of Science TRB Committee.

He is known for his decades of service to the roadside safety community and for his visionary leadership of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Official’s Task Force 13. His unwavering dedication to highway safety and industry leadership has reduced highway injuries and fatalities across the nation, the benefits of which will continue for many years to come.


Hydro-Cell Units

Art Dinitz demonstrates the safety of the Hydro-Cell Units by putting his leg between two vehicles travelling at 8 mph and impacting at a NYC taxi company. Life Magazine was there to cover it. 


1960’s | Transpo’s Beginnings

Founded in 1968, Transpo Industries, Inc. has been a leader in transportation safety by bringing innovative products to the market throughout its history. The company started by selling water-filled bumpers to New York City taxis, buses and EMT vehicles. It was aptly named Hydro Cell, Ltd. for the water filled units that protected vehicles and passengers upon impact.


Crash Cushions Move to Roadways

Soon realizing that crash cushions should go on the roadway instead of directly on the vehicle, Transpo was there with the first Hydrocell Crash cushion roadside unit installed.


Breakaway Sign Post Couplings

As the concept of forgiving roadways advances, Transpo’s Frangible/Breakaway Sign Post are introduced. As an engineered system, agencies around the United States began using this system saving lives and property.

Today Break-Safe® and Pole-Safe® are adopted as standard for many state Departments of Transportation and are starting to be used around the globe.

Transpo continues to innovate transportation safety products with Screen-Safe® highway glare screen and Pedestrian Crossover Deterrent and Blast-Safe® Jet Blast Barrier system.


1980’s | Polymer Concrete

Polymer Concrete is introduced in the United States and used to create and maintain sustainable infrastructure. 

Transpo introduces the new technology polymer concrete, along with sealers and crack fillers for rehabilitation of highways and bridges.

Capitalizing on its expertise in the field of polymer concrete, Transpo develops Visi-Barrier, a precast stay-in-place shell forms with retroreflective stripes for all weather, night time visibility and delineation.


1990’s | Transpo Opens Manufacturing Plant

Transpo opens a plant dedicated to manufacturing bridge overlays, sealers, patching materials, and polymer concrete precast products in Berwick, PA.

Manufacturing at the plant allows Transpo to continue to develop new and innovative materials and branch into other modes of Transportation with new products including airports, railways, and ports.  


First Distributor

Energy Absorption Systems, Inc. names Transpo Industries, Inc. as their first Distributor. Today, Transpo is the largest distributor of Valtir LLC highway safety products throughout the Northeast United States.



Transpo Industries, Inc. continues its commitment to Safer Transportation through Innovation with new products and continued leadership on committees and organizations that promote and innovate Transportation Safety, Maintenance and Preservation.