Bridge Preservation

“The objective of a good bridge preservation program is to employ cost effective strategies and actions to maximize the useful life of bridges.” 
- FHWA Bridge Preservation Guide 

Transpo’s materials are known for the maintenance, rehabilitation, and preservation of bridges. These materials have been used on new and existing structures for decades and are part of the strategy to obtain a 75-100 year service life. Our materials help reduce bridge element deterioration and keep bridges in good condition and extend their life.  

See our overlay, crack sealer and polymer concrete patch products below including: T-18 methyl methacrylate (MMA) polymer concrete is a fast curing thin slurry overlay with benefits that include: Fast Cure, Waterproof, Wide Application Temperature Range, Easy Application, Skid Resistant, High Early Strength, Strong Bond, High Elasticity, UV Light Resistant, Freeze-Thaw Resistant, Chemical Resistent, Steel and Concrete Compatible. Sealate® Crack Sealers are specially formulated High Molecular Weight Methacrylate (HMWM) resin materials that strengthen and extend the life of concrete. With an easy single application, Sealate® deeply penetrates, quickly fills and bonds cracks, and seals pores in existing concrete including roadways, bridges, and various concrete structures and surfaces. T-17 Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Polymer Concrete Patching Material is designed for use on new construction and rehabilitation of bridge decks, expansion joints, bearing pads, and other concrete structures and is a 100% reactive, pre-packaged, two component solvent-free material system. Visi-Barrier® is a precast polymer concrete traffic barrier, as well as a strong stay in-place form. The continuous visi-stripe on each panel is made from highly retro-reflective glass beads, is highly visible and solves poor roadway delineation problems.



Bridge Overlays

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Crack Sealers


Polymer Concrete Precast Panel


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