About Transpo

Since 1968, our company and our innovative professional team has been dedicated to supplying the finest products to the transportation industry. Transpo manufactures products and materials designed for improved road safety and preservation that are widely recognized for their quality, performance and reliability.

Transpo®'s reputation as an expert in roadway safety has made the company a leading supplier of products to help ensure safer, more forgiving and sustainable transportation infrastructure.
Transpo® proudly maintains an ISO 9001:2015 certification at all company facilities.


Through three distinct divisions: Distributor, Safety Products, and Material and Precast Polymer Concrete – Transpo® Industries, Inc. operates a cohesive business which includes the wholly owned subsidiary Castek. The Safety manufacturing division and the Distributor Group are based in New Rochelle, NY and Castek®'s manufacturing division is located in Berwick, PA.

Transpo®'s products are sold across North America and international markets through a network of independent distributors, O.E.M.s, and direct.

Distributor Group

Transpo® is the distributor of Energy Absorption Systems, a Trinity Industries company throughout the Northeast United States (Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont)

Energy Attenuation Devices

Our mission is to help professionals plan and engineer roadway safety products. 

Safety Division

Making roadways safer and more forgiving through innovative engineered products.

Safety Products
• Transpo®'s omni-directional breakaway supports for ground-mounted sign and light poles have been supplied throughout the United States, Canada and other countries for over 30 years.
• Safety shields for airports and road medians
• Work Zone Intrusion alarms
• Railroad highway grade crossing systems

Castek Materials and Pre-Cast Division

Transpo® manufactures polymer concrete materials and pre-cast products for transportation infrastructure including the repair, rehabilitation and preservation of bridges, tunnels, highways, airports, and railways.

Materials include:
• Overlays
• Crack Healer/Sealers
• Patching
• Area Markings

Precast products include:
• Median barriers
• Tunnel Wall Panels
• Bridge Parapets and rails
• Detectable Warning Tiles
• Highway grade Rail Crossings


Safer Transportation Through Innovation

At Transpo®, understanding the needs and priorities of our customers and the transportation industry, enables us to create smart solutions, products and services that meet those needs. As a premier manufacturing and sales operation in the transportation safety and special materials field, we earn the trust and respect of our customers every day.

We are committed to using the latest technologies to develop innovative and effective solutions for our industry. Transpo®'s mission to keep developing and acquiring new technology allows us to move to our ultimate goal: helping our customers to successful solutions.

We pride ourselves on the success in saving thousands of lives with the products we supply to the transportation industry. We will continue to strive towards making the roads safer and more sustainable for the traveling public.



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Transpo Industries is a transportation infrastructure safety and materials company, founded in 1968. Its executive management has over 130 years of collective industry expertise and has been working together for decades. Transpo’s influence extends far beyond its sales and engineering operations.

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