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bridgehwyConcrete Infrastructure

Roadway engineers, bridge engineers and designers, and Corps of engineers create infrastructure meant to be durable and sustainable. Transpo is a leading expert on Bridge Preservation and Rehabilitation and our materials are of the highest quality. Let Transpo’s experts help you find the right solution for your projects.

Roads and Highways, Bridges and Tunnels

completeComplete Streets and Roadways

Engineers and architects plan a site with a vision in mind that will be durable over time. Pedestrian and traffic markings, crosswalks, bike paths, bus lane safety areas and “complete street” applications allow for pedestrians and vehicular traffic to work harmoniously and safely. Transpo’s products are made of quality, long lasting materials that can be used by small and large communities to create safer environments.

Pole-Safe®, Break-Safe®, Color-Safe®

wayfindingsignsWayfinding Signs

Transpo’s engineers can assist you with your breakaway requirements for Way-Finding signs. Municipalities, airports and universities incorporate Transpo’s FHWA approved Pole-Safe® and Break-Safe® breakaway support systems into their designs to comply with regulations.

Transpo’s breakaway support systems unique physical properties and performance gives designers the greatest flexibility in sizing poles for specific lighting requirements. Our engineers and our Sign Post Selection Program are available to help with your specific project.

Breakaway Supports, Sign Post Selection Program