Transpo® Brings Transportation Safety to Land, Air and… Sea?

Brad Mirth, Oklahoma DOT, State Maintenance Engineer. James Porter, JUB Engineers/ADA County. Katharine Porter, ADA County Engineer. Liz Smith, Terracon Consultants (TX). Jack Smith, Spouse.

This past weekend Transpo® Industries took part in the Western Association of State Highway and Transportation’s (WASHTO) 2017 Annual Meeting in scenic Juneau, Alaska. The event brought together top highway transportation professionals for both conferences on important industry issues and fun as can only be had in Alaska. The event was attended by the Alaska State Department of Transportation CEOs, leading regional chief engineers and many more from more than 18 western states.

One such event, sponsored by Transpo®, was the ‘Halibut Fishing Tour’ led by our own Brian Buggehhagen. Brian is a Regional Manager who hails from Denver, Colorado. Not only did the boat tour include an impressive halibut haul, but passengers were able to enjoy spectacular views and interactions with some of the northwest wildlife. Alas, we at Transpo® did not take home the trophy catch (a whopping 80-pound halibut who managed to wiggle free), however we would like to thank all the wonderful transportation professionals who took part in the event.