Transpo Complete - Concrete Repair System


Transpo Industries introduces Transpo Complete, a concrete restoration system designed to repair and restore concrete structures.

From Start to Finish

Transpo Complete is a total concrete rehabilitation solution that repairs, seals, and aesthetically refreshes concrete structures with your choice of colors. It can be applied in the most demanding environments— including parking structures, marina docks, train platforms, and more.

Complete Concrete Repair Solution

Concrete structures can become structurally and aesthetically compromised over time, due to environmental exposure, vehicular traffic, or general wear and tear. Successful concrete repair requires addressing all restoration elements. Transpo Complete does exactly that.


The most vital element for safety is proper surface friction. Whether for pedestrians navigating in a parking structure, or commuters on train platforms. With Transpo Complete, concrete surfaces become new and safe with a customized look and friction based on project specifications.


Owners need reliable and dependable surface treatments for many years of in-service performance. Transpo Complete provides this. Easy installation, low maintenance, decreased material costs over time, and rugged durability are the key factors that ensure surfaces are functional, safe, and visually appealing.

Application Versatility

Transpo Complete is versatile in its ability to address project requirements with a variety of materials that can be used individually or in combination to satisfy project demands, including a wide range of application temperatures, cure time, and wear resistance.





Common Applications for Transpo Complete Concrete Repair System



Parking Structures

Parking structures are regularly exposed to oil, dirt, salt deicers, and more. They must be able to withstand these conditions, and often require regular maintenance and repairs. Temperature fluctuations and vehicle loading can cause cracking that allow water infiltration, which accelerates concrete deterioration.

Transpo Complete is a total durable concrete repair system for parking structures that will prevent these types of issues, while also reducing long-term maintenance costs. We offer a wide variety of product options that can be used in different configurations based on the project’s specific requirements. Transpo’s T-17 MMA Polymer Concrete patching material, Sealate® HMWM and T-78 MMA crack sealers, T-18 MMA overlay and Color-Safe® MMA pavement marking are examples of Transpo products that can be used in parking structures. Durable, and long lasting, Transpo Complete will restore the concrete surface to an as new condition.




Train Platforms

 Commuter rail platforms are an important component of the economy in many metropolitan areas. Many of the train platforms are very old and in poor repair, which can create a safety hazard and potential liability. Continuous daily use of the platforms can make maintenance and rehabilitation difficult. Concrete cracking, spalling, and loss of proper friction are among the common failures.

Transpo Complete addresses these issues and offers a complete rehabilitation solution for train platforms. Using weather-resistant, chemical-resistant materials, concrete surfaces become new and safe with a customized look and friction based on project specifications. The use of rapid curing materials makes repairs and rehabilitation possible during off-peak hours.





Marina slip ramps often develop cracks over time. Continuous water motion creates a path for water to penetrate, and this promotes reinforcing steel corrosion, which can lead to concrete deterioration.

Transpo’s Sealate® (HMWM) or T-78 MMA are designed to seal large and micro cracks in concrete. These two materials have different degrees of elongation and cure times; however, both successfully penetrate deep into cracks and form a permanent seal and a waterproof surface. Our team of experts will work with marinas to develop a finish coat using Transpo Color-Safe® pavement marking and surface material in the desired color. The result is an aesthetically pleasing finished surface that reduces water penetration and offers a slip-resistance surface. Color-Safe® can be easily maintained with regular high-pressure washing.









Transpo Complete proprietary concrete restoration materials include:



Sealate® T-70 MX30 HMWM Crack Sealer

Sealate® crack sealers are specially formulated low viscosity, high molecular weight methacrylate (HMWM) resin that permanently seals cracks and surface pores and will extend the life of concrete. With one easy, application, Sealate® deeply penetrates cracks, and seals pores in existing concrete. Sealate® can be applied to roadways, bridges, and most concrete structures and surfaces, preventing the ingress of corrosion-causing moisture and chemicals.

Click here to learn more about Sealate® crack sealer.



T-78 Methyl Methacrylate Crack Sealer

Transpo T-78 polymer crack sealer is a specially formulated, low viscosity, fast setting, methyl methacrylate (MMA) reactive resin system. It is highly effective for sealing and filling cracks and pores in concrete surfaces and structures, along with preventing the ingress of corrosion-causing moisture and chemicals.

Click here to learn more about T-78 crack sealer.



T-17 Methyl Methacrylate Polymer Concrete

T-17 is Transpo’s MMA polymer concrete repair material used extensively on new construction and rehabilitation of bridge decks, expansion joints, and other concrete structures. MMA is widely used on airport runways, bridges, and train platforms for:

  • Spalls
  • Patching and grouting
  • Structural and concrete repair

Transpo T-17 can be used as a neat mortar for grouting, for thin applications, or filled with special coarse aggregate and used for installations of 12 inches or more in a single pour. The rapid curing time of an hour or less in temperatures as low as 14°F assures a quick return to service. T-17 is easy to handle in all working conditions and requires no special tools or equipment.

Click here to learn more about T-17 polymer concrete patching material.



Color-Safe® Pavement Marking Material and Surface Treatment

Transpo Color-Safe® durable pavement marking material is Transpo’s most versatile, durable, and color-stable material. Color-Safe® finishes the Transpo Complete repair system. It can also be used alone to coat surfaces with custom color(s), creating a new looking surface after repair work is done, or on its own to refresh—its application use is virtually limitless.

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