Thank You – Color-Safe vs Thermoplastic

Color-Safe®: Superior Quality and Performance

We hope this pavement marking comparison guide provides you with a clear understanding of why and how Color-Safe® outperforms thermoplastic. Yes, we are biased, but it is because we are committed to safety that we created such a superior product. It is manufactured for superior quality, performance, and reliability. Color-Safe provides a more cost-effective, durable, vibrant, customizable, and safer pavement marking solution for you and your crews.

Download the pavement markings comparison guide 

We are passionate about Color-Safe and are happy to meet with you and provide a demo. We’ll make sure that when its installation time, you have the support of one of our experts, so your installation will go smoothly.

Wondering just how much money you’ll save in time and resource? Contact us now to find out how cost-effective Color-Safe MMA is.