Why Choose Color-Safe® MMA over Thermoplastic?

We’ve created a pavement markings comparison guide between Color-Safe® MMA and thermoplastic to assist you in making the best choice for your next installation.

Understanding the properties, functions, and benefits of these materials Color Safe MMA ebook thumbwill allow you to make an informed decision when choosing your pavement marking material—and also understand why Color-Safe outperforms thermoplastic.

This in-depth discussion covers important details, such as:

  • Material attributes
  • General and specialty applications
  • Safety features and advantages
  • Cost savings
  • Common problems with thermoplastic

Also included is a quick visual comparison chart of Color-Safe MMA versus thermoplastic. These are all the details you’ll need to present to logistics planners when it comes time to install, upgrade, or refresh your pavement marking material for highways and roadways, airfields and runways, bus and bike lanes, crosswalks, pedestrian walking malls, and parking installations.

Learn more about how durable, safe, vibrant and color stable, and cost-effective Color-Safe MMA is for your next pavement marking project.