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Visi-Barrier® Precast Polymer Concrete Barrier Panel

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Visi-Barrier® Precast Polymer Concrete Barrier Panel is a highly visible traffic barrier with FHWA approval and decades of proven successful projects. It is designed for new installations acting as a stay-in-place form or on retrofit projects with simple bolt-thru connections. The continuous vertical Visi-Stripe available on each panel is made with highly retroreflective glass beads and is a solution to poor roadway delineation problems, especially on rainy nights when visibility is low and standard roadway markings can lose retro-reflectivity when covered with water. This results in a year-round, all-weather, high visibility precast concrete barrier for driver safety. 

Visi-Barrier® is available in standard as well as custom size and color to suit a variety of applications including median barriers, tunnel panels, toll plazas, and bridge rails. The length, height, and shape of panels can be varied depending on the engineering plan and project design. The special polymer materials used to resist the effects of corrosion and have high impact strength.



Median Barriers – Visi-Barrier® can be used to form a full or half section barrier and allow existing barrier height to be easily increased without costly demolition.

Bridge Parapets and Rails – Visi-Barrier® can be custom designed for new construction or retrofitting of existing concrete barriers. Panels can be used to change the safety shape of the existing barrier without the need for formwork.


Visi-Barrier® is manufactured by Castek® Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Transpo® Industries, Inc.